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Friday the 13th Part 2

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



By far the best Friday the 13th movie of the series. All star cast including Crazy Ralph,  guy with a potato sack on his head(who could it be?) and Howdy Doodie(the tall skinny red headed guy).  Well when this many acting superstars come together you know you're in for a treat. The surving lady from the first film starts this one off. She is recovery from her trauma suffered in the first film when all of a sudden she fells as if she isn't alone in her house. She goes to open her fridge and to her surprise the head of lettuce she just bought is missing but someone has kindly replaced it with a  head of Jason's Mother...the head she herself cut off in the last movie. Then a figure wearing a  burn out coat grabs her and sticks a screwdriver through her head. Ok so now a whole bunch of these counselors  are showing up at camp on Crystal Lake for practice and they all start getting knocked off just like Crazy Ralph said!  Damn you people should listen to Crazy Ralph! Incase you are wondering...Crazy Ralph is the ever so hip guy driving the bike who goes around warning everyone to stay away from Crystal Lake. Good fella! Anyway after about 67 killings the last remaining counselors are running from this dude with a potato bag on his head.  Of course they think they kill him about 20 times and finally they all end up in this little cabin where the mother's head is sitting and then eeryone realizes that Jason, the mother's son, is doing all the killing. He is back from his watery grave to get revenge for Mommy. Yeah so anyway the girl who is still alive pretends to be Jason's mommy and that gives them enough time to attack Jason and kill him off....yeah like they actually killed him. They didn't make a part 9 for nothing!

Henry's Comments

 "Fuck there was a new Friday the 13th movie out everytime I took a shit I think back in the days"

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