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Friday the 13th Part 3

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Take Friday the 13th Part 2, give Jason a hockey mask and you have Part 3. Without Crazy Ralph in the movie how could it be good? Like yes he was killed in Part2 by Jason but why can't he  come back? Oh well... Anyway this movie is pretty much the same as part 2. Lots of killing, some sexuality and Jason gets his trademark hockey mask from the coolest character in the movie! That being Shelly!  Shelly is the dude with the fro! To the story...oh there was no story. Sorry just a bunch of teens getting sliced and diced by Jason...someone does get killed in an outhouse which was entertaining but  beyond that it's slim pickings! I believe the movie was in 3D at theaters when it was  released but when you rent it and play it on your beta VCR you just don't get the same effects. So those of you who rented this and actually tried to watch it with those blue and red  lense glasses must have been really disappointed eh?

Henry's Comments

 "I can't see any fucking 3D effects with these fucking shades! Fuck!"

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