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Friday the 13th Part 4

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Woohoo Friday the 13th Part 4! THE FINAL CHAPTER!!! Yes it will be over after 90 more minutes! Actually I really found this segment very entertaining. It is up there with Part 2.  Jason comes back to life this time in a hospital morgue and works his way back to Crystal Lake.  Yep so back at Crystal Lake we have the same old thing. PLENTY of horny teens/young adults and even  some kid who shares a bond with Jason...oh and some guy watching vintage porn. I think part 4 easily had the most nudity and those twins  in the yellow rain coats! Double my pleasure, double my fun and oh yeah...double D double damn girls! Ok so anyway Jason kills and mangles everyone pretty much throughout the movie and at the end while Jason is persuing the last living female the little kid, tommy, shaves his head  for some reason and starts hacking away at Jason until he isn't moving anymore! And just like that the Friday the 13th series is over and done...or is it??? We all know what the truth is...and it ain't pretty! 5 total hummers on the way!

Henry's Comments

 "That kid was pretty fucked up at the end! If that was my son i'd say "That a boy!"

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