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Friday the 13th Part 5 The New Beginning

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Christ a new beginning. What happened with the final chapter? I think a law suit is on order for false advertising. Well one good thing about this movie is that Jason isn't in it. But there is still a wanna be dressed up in a hockey mask killing people and well, damn, he does a good job.  I liked it better then most of the Friday movies that is for sure. As usual in a Friday the 13th movie  there is a group of teenagers and some counselors. This time all the teens are handicapped in some form or  another and the kid from the Final Chapter is there, Tommy. Tommy is having bad dreams about Jason and he thinks he is coming back for him. Well Jason does come but of course not the real one. The guy dressed up as Jason is actually  the father of one of the kids who gets killed in the movie by some other handicapped guy with an axe. So anyway everyone starts getting knocked off of course as usual. One cool killing was when a couple of horny teens were screwing around and 'Jason' ties the guy around a tree with a leather strap by his face  and crushes his skull. 2 thumbs up there! Yeah so it has some nudity, good gore, cool ending and the idea of someone dressing up as Jason to get revenge is a cool idea I think so  it's worth a looksie.

Henry's Comments

 "Fuck the real Jason! This ambulance driving fake Jason was opening can after can of whomp ass!"

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