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Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Oh man this is one of the worst movie ever released. Talk about fucking stupid. Tommy the little boy from 4 and the teen in 5 is back and he is still having nightmares about Jason who is suppose to be dead and gone.  Tommy takes one of his friends to the graveyard where they proceed to dig up Jason's bones to make sure that infact he is dead. All of sudden it starts to thunder and lighting while Tommy is stabbing Jason's body witha metal poll. Ok this next part is easily the dumbest and tackiest thing of all time.  Lightning hits the metal poll which is stuck in Jason's Body and it brings him back to life. HOLY FUCK! BULL SHIT! THIS SUCKS SHIT! And when he comes back to life he is all decomposed! He  looks like a walking piece of shit! Tommy gets away from Jason in the graveyard and then goes to try and warn the local community and the campers at the Crystla Lake camp. No one believes him of course so he takes  it upon himself to kill Jason...AGAIN! Yeah so Jason starts killing everyone in his path and even  ends up getting into an RV and crashing it. Near the end Tommy is in the Lake and he gets Jason to chase after him.  Tommy ends up putting a rope around Jason's neck which is attached to a very large rock so he  sinks to the bottom and can not be freed. GOD DAMN FUCKING CUNT PUSSY LICKING BITCH ASS PUNK! This is pure shit! Very brainless movie and the fact that Jason is now a walking decomposed freak is pathetic! He's up there with the Toxic Avenger now!

Henry's Comments

 "This shit smells worse then my shit and my shit really stinks so you know this was shitty!"

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