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Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



 Ok so let's recap Part 7...Jason was thrown into Crystal Lake AGAIN by  some mind reading tight ass and now in Part 8 he is breaking lose by a boat motor and is ready to set sail on the Love Boat with the Skipper and Captain Highliner. This movie gets straight to the titty scenes and to the death. Jason kills a young couple on a boat and then  attaches himself to a bigger boat headed for ManHattan! This is quite a jump from Camp Crystal  Lake. So on the boat he kills a few people in some pretty cheesy ways...Ok when someone gets killed by an electric guitar on a boat you know something is wrong. By the time the boat gets to Manhattan everyone knows Jason is aboard and are scared for their lives. So in Manhattan  they try and run away from Jason but he has such a good sense of direction they just can't get away. Jason should be driving taxis in New York baby! In one fuuny scene he catches up with a boxer who was on the boat and knocks his head off with his fist. Ok so in the end the surviving  few run away through a tunnel where toxic waste is released and Jason is melted in it.  His masks floats by and that ends Jason citizenship in New York. This movie had a  retarded body count...somethig like 26. It was pretty much straight killings and bad acting.  The boat and New York ideas where just a bit too much to swallow.

Henry's Comments

 "Jason takes Manhattan? Am I suppose to take this movie seriously?"

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