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Ghosthouse(1988) aka La casa 3

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


“Death holds the mortgage, and if you move in...they'll be Hell to pay”

Here’s a little known movie that use to occupy the shelves of many local video stores in the late 80s. Most normal people probably never gave the box a looksie, walked right on bye and rented Police Academy 4 or Harry and the Hendersons instead.  We here at HMTS actually own this bad boy on VHS and are fresh of a viewing, 22 years after the release of this movie, and ready to give our 2 cents.

I must admit, I did rent this movie back in 1988 but don’t recall too much about it except maybe the first 10 minutes which stuck with me over the years.  Something about a dead cat, a little girl, a clown doll, creepy children’s music and a dad getting an axe to the back of his head that stays with you over the years.  Funny how things like that, your first kiss and the last time you had KFC remain with you as the years go by.

Some loser from Boston named Paul and his girlfriend go off to find the source of a radio transmission where it sounds like someone is in deep trouble.  They track the source of the signal to the attic of the ‘ghosthouse’ where a radio/cb is set up by some campers who for some reason are camping in the yard of the ‘ghosthouse’. They are setting up their radio equipment in the attic and it doesn’t explain why they are doing any of this, and let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter anyway. So then all these people are in the ghosthouse and they start getting knocked off one by one, each time the little girl and her toy clown appear along with the creepy kid’s music. 

Why are the little girl and clown appearing, what’s with the creepy music? Well her dad was a Mortician and stole the clown from a deceased child that it was suppose to burried with. So now the clown is pissed and some evil spirits murdered the girl and her family so the house could be haunted by the girl and clown. Make sense? Nope, and it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that there is ton of bad acting, continuity issues, people dying, no one calling the police, police showing up a one point anyway telling everyone the house is haunted and to leave, they don’t and more people get nurdered... awesome!

I have to give it some points for effort as the house itself is nice and creepy and was digging the odd children’s music everytime the girl and clown appeared, but overall Ghosthouse is a foreclosure as far as being a good horror movie. 

Henry's Comments

 "I’m going to buy Ghosthouse and burn it to make sure there are no sequels."