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The Gift(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



    Cate Blanchett
    Greg Kinnear
    Keanu Reeves
    Katie Holmes
    Giovanni Ribisi(My boy from Boiler Room!)



A cool little horror flick directed by Sam Raimi which also has an all star cast!  It reminded me of a redneck version of What Lies Beneath. My only real complaint about the movie is that it is very easy to figure out who the killer is. If you can't guess who did it  by half way through the film then you're probably pretty stupid. No offence but it must be true! Giovanni Ribisi should be in more movies, he rocks as an actor! His character is very disturbed and offers a cool side story to the movie. It's nice seeing a movie where Keanu Reeves can actually act the part he is playing. He plays a wife beating truck driving hick. He looks like one of those guys who  drives a Ford truck and has that sticker in his rear window of the little cartoon guy pissing on a  Chevy symbol. Meanwhile someone else driving a Chev has the same sticker on his rear window of the character pissing  on the Ford logo... Those guys need a whack upside the head... Anyway back to the movie...

Story revolves around a widowed woman who tells people's fortune for a living. She meets her son's school teacher and starts having visions of 'bad' things happening. The school  teacher's finance ends up murdered and the Fortune Teller leads the police to where her body is.  From there the Fortune Teller helps the court convict the wrong man for the girl's death and slowly she keeps having visions that leads her to the real killer.

Overall this movie is pretty tacky but does have alot of sit on the edge of your chair moments!  The acting and suspense make up for how bad the movie really is. Ohhh and also... Katie Holmes  gets naked!!!!! Holy fuck what a body!!! Damn!!! It's worth paying the 8 bucks to see her  play a slut and see her topless!

Henry's  Comments

  "Oh yeah baby! I went through a pallet of vasoline since I've seen Katie Holmes naked!"

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