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Ginger Snaps(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"They Don't Call It The Curse For Nothing"

Well sweet holy fuck! This was not what I expected! I figured i'd see some shitty teenage werewolf movie with a  couple of hot chicks and barely any gore. Instead I saw a couple of totally fucked up chicks who would really frighten me in person and tons and tons of blood and guts! It starts fucked up and bloody and ends fucked up and bloody! What more can a person ask for?

Two sisters, Brigitte and Ginger, are a couple of very morbid girls. They enjoy taking fake death pictures of themselves, hanging out with each other and hating the local high school preps. Meanwhile, a 'werewolf'  is on the loose in their town which enjoys mutiliating the town people's pets. One evening while Ginger and  Brigitte are out for a walk trying to find a dog to pretend to kill, nice sweet girls, Ginger, who is menstrating,  is attacked by the 'werewolf' that is loose on the town. During the attack the 'werewolf' is killed  by a van driven by a local drug dealer named Sam. The girls run off and the next day, surprisingly, Ginger's very sevre cuts and bruises heel rather quickly  and it appears that everything is back to normal with her. As normal as Ginger can be.  Well until Ginger starts to grow a tail, some weird body hair and take a liking for pet dogs that her and her sister realize that something is drastically wrong. It's up to  Ginger's sister Brigitte and her new found drug dealing friend Sam to figure out what is happeneing to Ginger and find a cure for her before it's too late.

This has to be the best acted off-the-wall movie I have ever seen. The acting by the sister's was  outstaning! If movies this gory were socially acceptable i'm sure they be up for some oscars. Especially  Emily Perkins who plays Brigitte. Best horror acting performance I have seen since Lance Henriksen in Pumpkinhead. And like I said earlier, you will not believe how bloody GInger Snaps is! I was shocked that it was so violent and graphic. Other high points of the film include the sister's sheltering parents who  were down right funny in their roles and the high school tension between the sisters and their  'normal everyday' counterparts.

The only reason Ginger Snaps wasn't awarded 5 lobsters is because of the overall length. It really got draggy near the end and could have been 20 minutes shorter. Other than that though this is easily one of the best I have seen this year. I recoomend everyone to pick it up and check it out!

Henry's Comments

 "I hope there is a porno sequel starring the girl who played Ginger called Ginger's Snatch... Mmmmmmm hot gothic red head..."