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Godzilla 2000(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



HAHAHA! Oh yeah! This is a movie!!! Guy dressed up in a Godzilla suit destroying everything in his path!

What a site for sore eyes after seeing that god damn piece of shit Godzillia movie back in 1998! Was nice to see Godzilla get taken back to his roots and with NO American influence! This movie  had me glued to the screen for 90 minutes! The special effects were awesome!!! How many  people are sick of movies with nothing but computer animated images??? Well I'm one! I hate computer animated effects! That's what I loved so much about this movie... It was non-stop  death and destruction and it was all done with a godzilla suit and toy buildings! Looked great!

The story for the movie was pretty cool too! Actually made the movie interesting! I thought the  voice dubs(originally made in Japan) would drive me crazy at first but after awhile you don't even notice.

Henry's Comments

 "Hahahaha! Fucking unreal! Loved it!"