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Godzilla 98 - Well HOLLY F*CK! What a waste of time and money. This is  easily one of the worst movies ever to have so much hype about it. Where the hell did they  find the cast for this? I don't even think they could land parts in pornos they are such horrible actors! I don't even think they paid the girl with the lead role, they just gave her a box of lego  between shots to play with and told her that Barney loves her. As for Godzilla himself he looked very tacky and wasn't even that violent. The whole story was Godzilla trying to find a good place to lay some eggs and so he/she picks New York(Madison Square Gardens). Ok so everyone thinks they kill Godzilla and then the movie becomes a rip off of  Jurassic Park...the eggs hatcha...blah blah blah...they kill the little Godzillas... big Godzilla comes back...chases the main characters of the movie as they try and escape in a taxi...this goes on for about 20 minutes and finally they actually kill Godzilla and this piece of SH*T ends! Nice to see such a hyped-up film bomb at the box office.