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The Granny - Wow! Don't ever rent this one unless you want to try out your new VCR's fast forward performance! The title says it all...this movie is a piece of shit. It starts off in the past where there is some potion thingy that can give eternal life if used properly. If not used correctly it turns a person into some sort of demon. Ok so in the present there is this old Granny(duh) who has alot of money and her family wants her dead so they can collect her estate. It's Thanksgiving and her family comes over for dinner and tries to poison her. Before dinner this guy stops by and gives the Granny the potion mentioned at the first to make her live forever. She ends up drinking it after the family's plot to poison her fails. The potion wasn't allowed to be in contact with the sun and of course it gets in the sun before Granny drinks it. At first everyone thinks she has died and the family celebrates and has a party after her wake. Granny wakes up at the morgue and starts to kick some horny teenage ass before heading back to her estate to spoil the party. The acting is very bad and the killings are very cheesy. At the end Granny is exposed to sunlight and she blows up and the movie ends. The one liners in this movie will have you on your ass laughing. Granny is a real bitch and it looked to me that Granny was actually a guy drsssed up as an old lady. "You're the load I should have swallowed" is just an example of the cheesy one liners by Granny. Yep so these movie is fulled with a load gobbling Granny, a disfunctional family and some quality boob shots. And not Granny's thankgoodness. I suppose it could have been worse...this movie could have been called The Nanny and starred that annoying Fran bitch!