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Halloween 20th Anniversary - Ok the ONLY reason this movie was made was probally because of the success of Scream! I'm sure if you have seen Scream you will recall lots of talk about Jamie Lee Curtis and other sorts of things. Halloween up until this last movie was probally the BEST long running series of horror movies. This new movie is just a result of a trend! I don't even have anything smart ass'ed to say about it just sucked...well ok LL Cool J was in this movie so that should tell you right there that movie is nothing but trendy crap! It would have made my day for Micheal Mysers to actually talk and say "Momma said knock you out" before killing him. But ole LL survived the film...almost everyone did anyway. This movie had nothing really to do with any of the movies since Part 2 and it never really explained anything well. Also it wasn't that violent and people in the theater were laughing at how stupid it was by the end. Micheal Myers must have been overdosing on Viagrum to take all that punishment and keep getting up! CHEESE!