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"Break the Silence"

Hannibal Lecter is out of retirement! Ten years have passed and it's time for him to break his silence.

After receiving a letter from Hannibal himself, FBI Clarice Starling(this time played by beautiful Julianne Moore) tries to track down Dr Lecter before his flesh eating gets habbitt out of hand once again. Being placed on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals list, Hannibal Lecter is also being hunted down by two other people. One, a crooked cop who is out for the  generous 3,000,000 dollar reward and the other, an old friend of Lecter's who lost his face and wants revenge. It's up to Clarice Starling, who has  been suspended from the FBI, to find Hannibal first before the others under estimate the danger of the good Dr Lecter and end up dead... eaten...whatever!

Not a bad movie at all. No where near as good as the original Silence of the Lambs but that's ok.  It doesn't feel like a sequel anyway. Hannibal is more of a straight horror movie than a psychological thriller. There's not much in the way of suspense or twists here. It's all just a solid acting performance by everyone involved and some red stuff here and there. The movie isn't overally violent but when there's blood there's  plenty of it! Gotta love the last supper scene with Ray Liotta's brain as the main course.  When anyone speaks of Hannibal that scene always seems to be the focus of the conversation.

I don't think they could have found a better replacement for Jodie Foster then with Julianne Moore.  Damn she is one hot older babe! She was great! It didn't bother me at all that Foster was missing  this time around.

My only real complaint about the movie was the ending. Personally I would have liked to see  the Hannibal legacy come to and end. Instead they leave it open again for a sequel. Hopefully they  won't take a stroll down the sequel path again. Hannibal was good but it certainly wasn't great. A third  sequel would be rather ridiculous if you ask me. A prequel may be alright, but please no more sequels!

Henry's Comments

 "Mmmmmm Clarice... Cum to Henry!"

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