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Hellraiser 2 


Hellbound: Hellraiser 2(1988)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :

Now this is a sequel!  Not nearly as perfect as the first Hellraiser but pretty damn good. I really like when a sequel continues off the previous installment and enriches the story even further. Hellbound does this well.

Kirsty Cotton is now under the care of Dr Channard.  She has awoken in this hospital following the tragic events that led to the death of her father in the orginal movie.  Kirsty keeps telling the police and medical staff that they must destroy a matress that was found at her house that is now evidence with the police. Julia, her wicked stepmom who had Kirsty’s father killed by his mad brother, was killed on this matress and now can be brought back out of hell if blood is spilled on the matress where she had died.  Dr Channard, who has been studying the ‘other side’ and has many Hellraiser type artifacts at his house, takes the matress and has one of his patients cut himself upon it. Julia then rises and ends up taking Dr Channard to hell to show him the sights.  In the meantime, Kirsty and a mute named Tiffany also go into Hell after Kirsty keeps getting calls for help from her dead father.

Once into hell, Pinhead and the gang are there to greet Kirsty.  We get some awesome one liners again(Your suffering shall be lengendary, even in hell) and then Pinhead lets them go to explore Hell.  While this is going on, Dr Channard gets transformed into a Cenobite himself and then goes on a killing rampage. Kirsty ends up convincing Pinhead and the other Cenobites that they were once human.  Then Dr Channard Cenobite spoils the party and disposes of the others very quickly and way to easily!!! Kirsty and Tiffany then escape hell and all is well.

There’s alot more that goes on and a few sub plots, but man this movie is way too complex to discuss in a few paragraphs.  All that matters is that it is gorey as hell and very fast paced. The only bad thing I can say is that I hated how easily Pinhead and the other Cenobites were destroyed. Big let down!!!  One lobster lost for that!!!

Henry's Comments

 “The Doctor is in, I recommend amputation!!!”