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Hellraiser 3 - Hell on Earth

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



This could have been a pretty cool movie if it wasn't for the bad plot and horrible acting. As usual Pinhead is great  but everone and everything else about this film was lacking. The movie starts with a club owner buying a  statue called the Pillar of Souls which has Pinhead and the Hellraiser Box trapped within it. The box ends up in the  hands of a dumb Ho(club owner's ex girlfriend) and a reporter chick(the star of the flick). Pinhead is released from the Pillar of Souls after the club owner gets bit by a rat and his bleeds on him. Basically the theme of the whole movie is Pinhead trying to trick the reporter chick into giving him the hellraiser  box so no one can send Pinhead back to hell. The story is way too complicated for a 91 minute shitty movie. The reporter keeps having dreams about her dad who died in Vietnam and then all of sudden the human who is now Pinhead starts getting into her same dreams and this is suppose to make sense or make the movie interesting?!?!? I think not! In the end the reporter girl sends Pinhead and his Cenobites back to hell and all ends well! Like I said the story was  way too complicated to explain in my rapid fire reviews so I won't even try. The acting and story were horrible but there were one or two scenes that really stood out... The first scene where Pinhead is released from the Pillar of Souls  and decides to go postal on everyone in the club was awesome! Some of the killings within that scene were very tacky(guy getting killed by flying cds)  but it's one of the most violent scenes I have ever witnessed! The other noteable scene is when Pinhead enters a church and  mocks Jesus Christ on the cross. It was very well done and disturbing for anyone who is religious.

Henry's Comments

 "Pinhead should leave the Hellraiser movie franchise and go solo! he's the only good thing about this movie! It was Hell on Earth sitting thru most of it!"

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