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Hellraiser: Bloodline AKA Hellraiser 4

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Well it was better then Hellraiser Part 3!  Not nearly as good as Hellraiser 1 and 2 but not horrible either. The fact that the movie starts off on a space station  really sucks! Once a horror character gets into a few sequels and ends up in space it's never a good sign(Leprechaun and Jason, I can't see Jason X being any good people!)! What makes this Hellraiser movie special is that it goes back in time and gives a Hellraiser history, the creation of  the 'box'...but then it does end back in space and sucks again!  The movie wasn't exactly exciting or anything, infact it was pretty dull. It had an actually story and if you didn't pay close attention you got lost really easily. had it's moments of gore as well but nothing like the two  first installments of the series. Would be nice to see a new Hellraiser movie that was more like it's first two parts.  Oh well! Movie could have been really cool if the 'box' ended up on the Star Trek Enterprise and Captain Kirk opened it! I would love to see all those freaks get ripped apart by chains and hooks! Coupel of hooks into Mr Spocks ears! Yeah! I'm checking out Hellraiser 5(Inferno) tomorrow but from what I hear I think I will be let down!

Henry's Comments

 "Pinhead in space! Where no good horror movie has gone before!"

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