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Hellraiser 6 


Hellraiser: Hell Seeker AKA Hellraiser 6(2002)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



“Welcome to the worst nightmare of all... reality!“

Wow, yet another solid straight to video Hellraiser release. Not sure what is going on here, usually when a series gets up to part 4... 5... etc the wheels have already fallen off the series and the new movies are just a cash grab with little substance.  Hellraiser 5 and 6 are not quite as good as the original two Hellraisers but they are a hell of alot better than 3 and 4!

This is another great movie where nothing is as it seems until the very end. The main character Trevor, seems lost pretty much the whole movie trying to figure out who has killed his wife Kirsty(who is yes the original Kirsty from the first two installments of Hellraiser), and why he is having very bad dreams that do not make alot of sense. With the odd appearance by Pinhead , who speaks his wonderful one liners to Trevor, we start to piece this ball of wonderful confusion together. Once we get to the end everything wraps up nicely, the hellraiser puzzle box, Kirsty’s murder, and Trevor’s confusion/bad dreams.

  I honestly avoided this movie at the video stores until now. You would think just by it being part 6 that it would suck balls but hey I was pleasantly surprised yet again. Nice to see Pinhead with some good screen time as well.  The last 20 minutes really feel like old school Hellraiser. The box, chains, Pinhead, his hellish associates...  Worth checking out!!!

Henry's Comments

 “Bring on parts 7(Deader) and 8(Hellworld)."