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Hellraiser 7 


Hellraiser: Deader AKA Hellraiser 7(2005)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Well its not the best of the recent sequels but it has some things going for it. 

When starting to watch Hellraiser 7(Deader), I realized why I dig this series so much. Every movie since the first four feel like their own unique movie. Not sure how to explain it since yes Pinhead and the Box are in the movies but to me they all stand on their own as pretty cool horror flicks.

An undercover reporter named Amy is sent on a mission to research a group called the Deaders who claim to be able to kill themseleves and then returm back to life. Well thats exactly what she does and man its confusing!  Well confusing or just stupid. Basically Amy ends up finding the dreaded box, opening it and then trying to figure out what the hell is happening to her and how the Deaders come into play with the Box and Mr Hell himself, Pinhead.

The good... a really good scary scene with a dead girl in a bathroom(not often I jump watching a direct to video movie), theres some nudity and lesbo action(always a plus) and lots of good gore(especially near the end when Pinhead finally shows up and the chains and flesh start flying). That now leads me into the bad... Pinhead and Co. have a limited role, Pinhead has no great lines this time around and the overall story with the Deaders and how they relate to the Box and Pinhead is just stupid and makes no sense.

Henry's Comments

 This is the Rubix Cube of the past three Hellraisers.  Better luck with Hellworld.