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Hellraiser 7 


Hellraiser: Hellworld AKA Hellraiser 8(2005)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Oh man, this is a pretty forgettable movie.  I really liked the last couple of Hellraisers with Rock Bota doing the directing but it looks like he has run out of gas. It seemed promising, after some decent sequels and Lance Hendrickson in the movie but this is the worst Hellraiser in my opinion since Bloodline(Hellraiser 4).

From the get go I was pissed off... a bunch of teens surfing and playing a Hellworld game on the internet that had pictures of Pinhead, the box...etc.  When a movie series hits the internet it really spells the end. How can anyone even come up with such a stupid idea?  It automatically puts the series into the joke category.  Hellraiser already survived space but iím afriad itís not getting up from cyberspace. Oh well, it made it further than Friday the 13th and Leprechan who did not survive space.

Ok so in a nutshell... A bunch of teens win invites to a Hellraiser party via the Hellworld website. They end up at a house which is like some sort of Hellraiser Museum and Lance Hendrickson is their host.  For a party where the invites are won online there are some pretty hot chicks at this party. I canít see any of these people actually as online gamers but since nothing else in the movie makes sense, it workls nicely.  We are treated to lots of nice tittie shots and sexual acts.  The movie basically feels like a Hellraiser Rave. People are partying, wearing masks, using cell phones, getting naked, screwing, and of course getting killed in some pretty grusome ways.

Pinhead and his cenobites just seem to appear at times and kill people.  Since no one opened the box or anything I was pretty confused.  Just felt more like either Hellraiser 3(Hellraiser on Earth) or just another slasher movie but with Pinhead as the killer.  As the movie went on a bit of a story of the teenís friend playing around with the hellraiser box and Lance Hendrickson as his dad starts to evolve. Basically the teens were invited to Hellworld so Lance could have some revenge on his teen sonís friends for some reason.  Donít ask me... I just sat through this movie and couldnít tell ya exactly what it was about.

At the very end we are treated to a classic box opening scene involving Lanceís character and a pretty cool death scene but it wasnít nearly enough to save this train-wreck.

Will there be a part 9?  After seeing Hellworld there probably shouldnít be. Let it rest please. 

Henry's Comments

 ďIím surprised they never switched the Hellraiser Box with an IPod for this shitty movie.Ē