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Henry Potrait of a Serial Killer

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Awwwwww yeahhhhhh G! Fuck this is a fucking movie! rent this movie! You will not be let down. It even had, on the front, SISKEL AND EBERT - 2 THUMBS UP!  This is one for the whole family! Your little brother, your mom, your dad, hell even grandma! Henry is a serial killer on the loose and he moves into his buddy's place(Otis) with him and his younger sister. Otis is King perv and is always trying to get some action from his younger sister but Henry sort of developes feelings for her and protects her from Otis...what a guy....Henry is an all American hero! Anyway Henry and Otis start to hang out together and then the killings start in Chicago! The first night  they are out they pick up 2 whores and while Henry is giving this chick the Henry harpoon he suddenly breaks her neck and kills her instantly! the other ho with Otis starts flipping and he grabs her and kills her as well.  Otis is pretty flipped out by what Henry did to the whores but doesn't say much to him about it. The next day  Otis is screwed over by someone while selling him drugs so he tells Henry he wants to kill Henry, being the good pal that he is takes Otis out and shows him the wonders of  killing. Henry is like a fucking jedi trainer...god damn! My fave part is next... Otis breaks his TV at home so Henry and him decide to go buy a new one. They feel the TV guy is trying to rip them off  so Henry beats the TV and smashes a TV over the top of his head and then tells Otis..."Plug it in"...fuck that is  oscar material! Ok so they like take a TV from this place and also steal a camcorder. Next thing you know they are raping and beating a family of 3 and taping the whole thing! Otis and Henry really get off on violent sex. After they kill the family of 3 it keeps showing Otis in his undies watching this rape and killing tape. Otis' sister falls in love with Henry somewhere during this movie and she tries to have sex with him but henry gets up and leaves. After Henry leaves ole Otis comes ina nd starts to bang his own sister! Henry evetually comes back and beats Otis to death! Otis' sister starts to flip so Henry takes her and they leave to a motel and then he tells her he is taking her away to a farm or something to be safe. Stupid girl... Shows her falling asleep and next thing you know good ole Henry is  dumping a suitcase in the river!!! Was it her body or was Henry getting rid of his shit stained undies? We'll never know!  Overall a good film for the family.

Henry's Comments

 "I'd do it again!"