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Hollow Man

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Two words... Elisabeth Shue! I haven't seen acting this bad by a lead female since Jean reno in Godzilla(1998)!  Kevin Bacon was the only bright spot in the whole film. This movie could have been really good! Had good effects and  if the writers and any fucking brains this could have been a real jaw dropper! But no! Just had to fuck it up! Like how many people couldn't guess that Miss Shue and her Latino boyfriend would survive? You'd have to be pretty stupid or easily entertained for this film to keep you on your toes! Besides a few scenes with killer effects there is NOTHING! No laughs,  lame killings(excpet for when he kills an invisible dog!), and near the end you see Bacon get brutally attacked over and over but he keeps getting up and trying to kill Shue and her man. A remote with a fast forward button would have come in handy  during the last 20 minutes of the movie. The acting near the end is nothing but laughable... with lines like "I'm not going to lose you now..."  Save it for Titanic you stupid bitch! Anyway I have nothing good to say about this movie really. Could have been great but  ended up a mess! Elisabeth Shue's performance in Adventures in Babysitting was oscar worthy compared to this! Hopefully bacon will be back in something good!

Henry's Comments

 "I see dumb people!"