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Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher - Oh man I haven't seen one this bad in a long time! This is another movie that has one of those boxes that screams out "You'd  have to pay me to rent this shit"! It came in one of those big porno type boxes and had some pretty bad looking pictures on it. I knew I was in for a treat when it had multiple pictures  of the Hollywood Strangler with his awesome sideburns and the expressions on his face...he looked like the type of guy that  would drive around in a big rusty multi-colored van asking small children if they wanted a drive  to the tasty treat...then pull out Mr Happy! He looked like a guy you would see on America's most wanted for sexual offenses against minors! Anyway to the movie... Ok well it starts right off into the pointless nudity, bad plot and horrid acting! This Hollywood Strangler guy is a photographer and he calls up ho's and asks them if he can take some pictures of them nude. He goes to their place, takes a few pics, starts talking to himself...saying stuff like "She's a whore, they are all whores, I must kill her, I have to do it now...". Oyyyyy anyway it's pretty shitty! So yeah he stranglers these girls with his bare hands and leaves. If you ever get to see this you will be roaring by  how repetitive the movie is! He must call, take pictures and strangle about 10 girls! It's like the same scene over and over and over! Only the girls are different. About half-way through the movie the Strangler sees a girl at a book store and he gets the hots for her.  He talks to him..."She is different, she's not a whore". Anyway he like goes into her store all the time and stares at her and then leaves?!?! To add a new cheesy twist to the movie the girl is  the Skid Row Slasher and every night after she closes her book store she cuts someone's throat  for no reason. She cuts the throats of drunks and you get to see lots of ketchup ooze out of their  mouths. Ok so after the Strangler stranglers about 97 girls he follows the Skid Row Slasher into her place. The Strangler notices she is showing some leg and he starts talking to himself again. "She is a whore, she's like all the rest, I must kill her". So as he goes to strangle her, she pulls out her knife! So here is the Strangler strangling and the Skid Row Slasher stabbing at  the same time. They both die and the movie ends. Sounds good huh? The movie was 76  minutes long so that should tell you something. It was non-stop nudity, bad acting and  bad plot. If I had a Horror Movies That Suck scale this movie would be through the God damn roof!