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What do you get when you take Eurotrip and turn it into a horror movie?  Hostel thatís what!

 This is a T&A teen movie that eventually turns into a horror movie. Three male friends are on a trip across Europe to get stoned and laid. Sound familiar?  They end up going to Slovakia after some guy tells them that best party girls are there and will do whatever they can imagine.  Once they arrive, they check into a Hostel and the partying and sex begins... well until the guys start to disappear leaving the others wondering what the hell happened to them.  Turns out the whores they have been partying with have been setting them up to be turtured and murdered in some factory by people who are paying to kill people(people looking for a rush to murder without consequence).

Thatís about all there is to this movie. How this came to theatres is beyond me.  Direct to video material. Sure itís gross but there is no backbone to this film at all. A few people getting tortured and then predictable ending of one escaping and getting revenge is hardly worth the money I spent at the theatr on this shit.

And just how this movie is the grossest ever?!?! I donít think so!  Grossest to make 20 million itís opening week maybe.  Thereís a little more blood here than in the remake of House of Wax! 

If you want a good gore flick, check out the Devilís Rejects.  Far superior! Eli Roth is no Rob Zombie!

Henry's Comments

 "The train scene in Hostel is taken almost directly from Eurotrip, as well as the trip and sex Euro sex themes. The only difference being there is no Robot Mime in Hostel, which is really a pitty, he could have saved this movie! Ohh my robot balls!  "