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House on Haunted Hill

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Outstanding! I remember seeing the original House on Haunted Hill on A&E one Halloween and being blown away buy it! I'll have to find the original one around somewhere now! Movie offers good cast, good gore and some very freaky trips!  Would have been a good movie to see at the theatre while on something! Simple story... People invited over to a haunted house for an evening and if they survive the night, they each get one million dallars. Alot of the people in the movie don't trust each other nor no what is real or fake in the house so it makes for an interesting watch! The movie is a bit corny towards the end but that's ok! Kept me entertained the whole time and that is the main thing! No a brilliant  movie but worthy of 4 lobsters from HMTS! Yeah baby yeah! Go check it out!

Henry's Comments

 "I came, I watched, I liked!"