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I Drink Your Blood(1971)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



From the makers of I Spit on Your Grave comes I Drink Your Blood! I've never seen  I Spit on Your Grave but after witnessing I Drink Your Blood I can only imagine what it's like! I Drink Your Blood was one of the first movies in it's time to receive an X rating and damn did it ever deserve it! After watching I feel dirty. I try to wash away the flith but it just  won't go away!

A Satanic Cult of Hippies led by some idiot named Horace are practicing what they preach outside a small town when they discover they are being watched by a local girl named Sylvia. They hunt her down through the woods and end up beating and raping her. The next day she is found by her family and it just so happens that the Cult have moved into their quiet little town in an old run down motel. The family and locals, who are outraged that the Hippies raped Sylvia, don't welcome the Cult with open arms. Sylvia's Grandfather is the first person to try and drive the Cult away but instead he gets his ass kicked and is given a few LSD tablets for his troubles! Sylvia's younger brother Pete, who is no older then 10, decides to get back at the hippies for raping his Sister and beating his  Grandfather by poisoning the Hippies with rabbies. He takes the infected blood for a crazed dog and  injects it into some meat pies which the Hippies but at the local bakery the next morning. From here the movie  basically turns into a crazy zombie movie. Only instead of zombies it's people with rabbies! It starts with the  Hippies being infected and soon spreads through out the whole town.

Wow, anything must have went in the 70s! There is some crude shit here! Nice to see that the writers had good morals! We have a 10 year old boy playing with guns, a slutty Hippie flirting with the same  10 year old boy, the same slut then fucks a whole construction crew(don't get excited... it doesn't show anything), a pregant woman killing herself by driving a stake through her belly, rabbid people dragging along dead  animals(the scary thing is I think the animals were real dead animals)  and much more! If you are looking for gross and twisted you will find plenty here!

Not only is it 80 odd minutes of crudeness the acting is sooo bad you won't believe your eyes or ears! The movie is writen like one of those  Jack and Jill books where the writing is so simplistic that it's annoying by how little detail it uses to explain the story. I guess we are just expected to believe that certain events happen just to make the rest of the movie move along. Hang on to your bellies when the Hippies realize they all have rabbies.  Some priceless laughs follow!  Acting didn't appear to be one qualification for playing a part in this film. Being skilled in taking acid and driniking on the other hand must have been stronly recommended!  They had to be gooned up by the look of their performances if you ask me! You can smell the alcohol and feel the LSD through the TV screen! I could go on about the bad acting  and story more but you really have to see it for yourselves!

If you happen to ever see this movie sitting at your video store I would recommend picking it up.  They don't make movies like this anymore. It's something different to watch and it truly a  Horror Movie That Sucks! B-Movie/Cheese fans will find lots to enjoy!

Henry's Comments

 "What is up with the title? Should have been called I Eat Rabbies Infected Meat Pies And Then I Eat You!"