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Ice Cream Man(1997)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Look at the box! Is this really a horror movie? That is what I asked myself the day I rented this. The answer is yes, yes it's a horror movie. Not since Jack Frost have I seen a horror movie that is  so off the wall.

Clint Howard(a B-Movie legend) plays the disturbed Ice Cream Man. While he was growing up he witnessed his hero(another ice cream man) get brutally murdered on the job.  This has left our poor Ice Cream Man mentally unstable and ready to kill anyone who looks at him the wrong way! There's really not much of a plot. Basically Howard just goes on a  senseless killing spree. We get a bit of a peak as to why he might be so crazy after a  couple of detectives visit a mental hospital where Howard use to be treated but that's about it.  The rest of the movie is just a bunch of bad acting kids(and I mean bad acting!) plotting to  put a stop to the Ice Cream Man's killing spree.

I really had to pinch myself while watching this. Was what I was seeing really happening?  The acting is sooooo bad it's truly hysterical! The kids will never find acting jobs again I'm sure.  But even worse than the kids is the main detective guy. My jaw dropped everytime he spoke. I think he may be related to Eric Freeman(Ricky from Silent Night Deadly Night 2)! These two guys  are the twin towers of bad acting! They get so into it but yet can't act! And if the acting wasn't bad  enough we have the killings and gore. All kinds of goodies here. Decapitated head on top of an  ice cream cone, people getting hit with ice cream scoopers... it's all here!

As shitty as this movie is, I truly enjoyed watching it for the most part. What can I say... I love bad movies! It may not be one to watch alone. If you can get a few guys together and rent it as a joke  I think there is something here to enjoy... laugh at... groan at... whatever!

Henry's Comments

 "Give me a double scoop of shut this the fuck off!"