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The In Crowd(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



 One word sums of this film! That being LAME! I can't believe this movie actually went to theatres.  It didn't do very well anyway which makes me very happy. Maybe Hollywood will take a hint  and stop making movies like this!

 The movie is about a girl named Adrien Williams who gets out of the looney bin and gets a job at a country club. From there she meets a girl named Brittany Foster who takes her under her wing and introduces her to her little world of rich snobs and people who look way to good. Everything  is great until we realize that Brittany Foster has many dark murderous secrets. Turns out she  murdered her sister Sandra who was more popular then her so she could move into the spotlight herself!  Whoa that's pretty deep! Here's where it gets really dumb... The girl, Adrien Williams, who Brittany takes in looks exactly like Brittany's sister! Eventually Brittany  feels threated by Adrien's presence so she frames her and has her sent back into the looney bin!  You go girl! Adrien ends up escaping from the L.B. and exposes Brittany for who and what she really is.

 God this movie was bad! The dumbest part I think is the fact that when Brittany killed  her sister Sandra she actually burried the body on the grounds of the country club  along the golf course. Near the end of the movie it shows the body of Sandra and it looks like she burried her about 6 inches deep. I think someone would have found the body... duh!

 The In Crowd is so brainless it's insulting! They market the movie based on a bunch of  people who look perfect and put the plot on the back seat. To add more insult to injury there is barely any nudity! You get a quick shot of Brittany's chest from the side but that is it!  They make it look like an erotic thriller but it turns out there is nothing thrilling here at all! Save your money and 90 minutes of your life and do not rent this!

Henry's  Comments

  "What's so 'IN' about this crowd? I'd rather be a member of the Little Rascals!"