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Intruder - "From the Creators of Evil Dead II"...Ok so by putting that little statement  on the box they easily gave themselves tons of rentals! Bruce Campbell fans and Evil Dead fans... I feel your pain... This movie sucked donkey balls! This movie takes place in a grocery store of all places! The night crew is on and one of the girls working, her ex-bf just got out of jail and is harrassing her. He gets into the store and assults her and a few of the workers. He is finally thrown out and then the workers are told that the store is being sold and they will lose their jobs. Ok so all of a sudden  one of the girls goes outside to her car and she is killed by some guy with a knife. Then everyone else  in the store starts getting knocked off by some guy with a knife(or with any sort of meat grinding weapon he can find). Of course you think it's the girl's ex-bf who is doing the killing but it turns out that it is one of the owners of the grocery store who doesn't want to sell the business. This is just such a typical slasher film!  Everyone gets it except for the girl in the end. There's always someone who you think is dead but ends up saving the girl from the this case it was the girl's ex-bf from the beginning. When the police finally get to the grocery store they find the girl and her ex-bf standing over the  killer. The ex-bf has a knife in his hand and they are blamed for all the murders. SPECIAL CAMEO ALERT !!! Bruce Campbell makes a cameo as one of the cops that arrest the girl and her ex! Not even Bruce could have saved this movie. Too many bad killings, bad script and over use of rubber hands. When the filming crew  came into town you couldn't find a fake rubber hand for miles...children rioted outside Trick Stores before Halloween because  of the shortage :) Anyway if you see this movie around you may want to avoid it. I never want to see  a horror movie based in a grocery store again. "Attention shoppers we have a murder in isle 5."!