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Jack Frost(1997)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Man oh man! They don't get much cheesier than this! This was one of those movies I couldn't  resist not renting because of the box. It had one of those 2 way reflective pictures on the front.  One was a regular snowman and the other was the snowman with big fangs. Also the tag line said "He's chillin and killin". It was a must rent!

A serial killer named Jack Frost(haha) is on his way too be executed via an  armored car when all of a sudden they collide with a truck carrying bilogical materials!  Jack Frost combines with the biological materials and some snow and he is transformed into  Jack Frost the killer snowmman! This begins Jack Frost's reign of terror upon a small town!  Keep an ear open for his awesome one liners and an eye peeled for the awful special effeacts and killings!  The ending itself is pretty comical as well. Only one thing will melt Jack Frost and keep him contained!

Alot of the movie had me on the floor in tears from laughing so much. Not because it's funny but because it's just plain awful! The costume he is wearing to be the snowman for one is  soooo pathetic looking. It never really shows him moving around. He is just there! Just appears  magically. There is one scene where he steals a cop car and my God it's funny looking! Also look for the scene where he evaporates under a door and gets in the bath tub with some chick.  His carrot shows her a good time! Funny stuff.  What's even more funny is how serious the cast tries to be. The Sheriff should win an award  for being in such a dumb movie and acting so seriously. My hat is off to him.

If you are looking for a legit horror movie please rent something else.  This is meant to be silly and not scary in any way. It offers some good laughs but that's about it. No nudity either! What's up with that!

There is a sequel out now but I can't seem to find it anywhere!

Henry's Comments

 "Loved the carrot scene in the bath tub!"