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Jack Frost 2 - Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :

 ZERO LOBSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


What the hell happened to my lovable killer snowman? Jack Frost 2 is an embarrassment to the cheesy horror genre!!! Seriously folks, avoid at all costs. The first installment was hilarious, the sequel on the other hand, extremely lame!!!  I guess you cant take a wise ass-killer snowman very far but hey, I was expecting something alot better than this!!!

Jacks killer, Sam from the first movie, decides to take a tropical vacation with his wife and friends.  Jack Frost escapes his anti-freeze tomb during an experiment gone bad and decides to follow Sam to the Caribbean for some good ole fashioned snowman revenge!

I really dont know where to start... everything about this movie just sucks.  It looks and feels 100 times cheaper than the first movie if you can believe that.  The acting and effects went from campy to just plain rotten.  I was in agony the entire runtime.  Jack Frost basically finds Sam on the Island kills a few people in ways so over the top and stupid you actually start to feel bad for everyone involved in the making of the movie.  At one point Jack Frost turns into ice cappincino, a hot girl drinks him, her head explodes and we get the line I guess that was a de-cap!!!.  Ok so that was one remotley funny part, but not enough to enjoy any of this shit-a-thon! 

From there, things go from bad to really bad.  Turns out Jack is now undestroyable by the usual conventional ways of destroying a snowman.  Last time when Sam melted him with anti-freeze, some of Sams blood got mixed in with Jack and now they share the same DNA.  Turns out that the only way to stop Jack Frost is to fight him like you would fight Sam.  What is that you may ask? Well by poisoning him with bananas of course!  Yes bananas! Sam is allergic so they decide to shot Jack up with every monkeys favorite food.  Im not making this up.  I dare you to rent the movie and see for yourself!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... in the movie Jack has babies snowballs.  Not even going to go there...

Henry's Comments

 Jack Frost 2 is what you would get if that big purple cunt Barney starting sniffing gas and went into the horror genre."