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Jeepers Creepers(2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"What's Eating You?"

What's eating me is how good Jeepers Creepers could have been! What a waste! This could have been the best pure scary movie since the first Blair Witch project! Take that two lobster rating and interpret it as the average of two ratings.  The first rating being a full 5 lobsters for the first 45 minutes and for the second half of the movie a  flat 0 lobsters!

Darry and his Sister Trish, who are driving down an old back road, are attacked by an old truck driven by an unknown man. After they shake the truck and calm down a bit they end up driving past an  old run down church where once again they see the truck and this time they see the man who was driving it and  he's dropping wrapped up bodies down a pipe that leads straight into the ground. So what do Darry and Trish do?  Well since this is a horror movie they decide to go back to the old church and check out what the man was throwing down the pipe! Turns out the strange man was dumping bodies and lots of them! Darry and Trish, who are freaked out beyond belief at this point, try to get the police to help stop the strange man. This proves to be very difficult and we finally realize that the strange  man driving the truck is actually an unstoppable demon who is out for a good sniff of fear and body parts. He wants something from either Darry or Trish who are warned of this by a psychic who tracks down the brother and sister to let them know what is going on and why the demon is after them.

Like I said earlier this movie had soooo much potential to be a great horror movie.  The first 45 minutes are truly frightening. The second half of the movie on the other hand is cheesy as hell. The scenes with Trish and Darry driving down the old back road and snooping  around at the old church are extremely intense! I thought for sure I was going to be treated to a great horror  movie for the full 90 minutes. That is until the movie decides to show the Demon's appearance.  Once they do this it keeps showing it over and over. Not only do we see it too much now (so there is nothing left to the imagination to scare us) but it also looks down right silly! Basically  the whole movie takes a turn in the wrong direction after the first 40-45 minutes. I went from glued to the screen to checking my watch every 5 minutes in a snap of the fingers around the mid point of the film. I must say I liked the ending though. Not the typical Hollywood ending at all!

A good effort by director/writer Victor Salva but in the end Jeepers Creepers ends up being a  cheesy teen slasher which we have all seen too many of lately! Just how does a demon go about getting his drivers license anyhow???

Henry's Comments

 "Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those Peepers? Well I ripped them out of some punks fucking face!"