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Joy Ride(2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"It started as a joke. Now the joke is on them"

Well damn! After seeing Steve Zahn star in the God awful Saving Silverman, Paul Walker in  ultra-cheese fest The Skulls and Leelee Sobieski in The Glass House(which I refused to go see),  I thought for sure that Joy Ride would be nothing more than some shitty post-teen horror flick but I was way wrong!

Lewis(Walker), and his brother Fuller(Zahn), who is fresh out of jail, travel the highways on their way to pick up Lewis' friend, Venna(Sobieski), but run into just a bit of trouble after playing a prank on a Trucker via a CB Radio who carries the handle 'Rusty Nail'. Personally I wouldn't fuck with some pill poppin' trucker named Rusty Nail but hey that's me. Anyway... Lewis and Fuller play with Rusty Nail's  head and set him up on a blind date with an imaginary woman that ends with a man losing his lower jaw and fighting for his life in a coma. After realizing that their prank has turned almost deadly, Lewis and Fuller take off but it's not long before good ole Rusty Nail gets them back on the CB and into a chase for their lives.  Throw in a couple of hot females(Sobieski...puurrrr she shouldn't have worn clothes... you could see everything through her top... I'm suddenly in the mood for coffee!) and one crazy truck driving Mutha Fucka and you have one hell of a thriller!

Really a great paced flick! Zahn's character is funny as hell and Sobieski was looking F.I.N.E fine! I sort of forgot that Walker was even in it but that really didn't bother me. The movie  is somewhat predictable and leaves itself open for an obvious sequel but that was fine with me. Also, it wasn't exactly scary but was ultra intense at times. Maybe it could have a been a  bit more like Jeepers Creepers in the beginning but oh well. At least it didn't end up like Jeepers Creepers and be a big laugh when it was said and done!

To sum up, I would highly recommend checking out Joy Ride at the theatres ASAP! Great flick  for the big screen!

Henry's Comments

 "I wanna have CB Radio sex with Sobieski. Hey baby i'm wearing nothing but a wife beater and could use a good gear shiftin'!"

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