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Junior... A Cut Above the Rest!  Bust out the 8-track player, the '81 Datsun truck and get ready for some crazy Rednecks and a couple of hot ex-con chicks!

KC and Jo are a couple of tarts who are finally free from a Woman's Prison and ready to start their  lives over. Not sure why they were in jail to begin with but by the looks  of them I'm sure it had something to do with playing flesh flutes for money if you know what I mean! Right off the bat they are approached by some crazy dude who wants to kill them. Seems to me he must be their former Pimp?!?! After fighting him off and taking his car they leave the city and head towards a nice quiet town. Once they arrive to what they think is a nice little town to live, they are greated by a Sheriff who tells them that he doesn't like the  look of them and that they aren't welcome. They ignore his request for them to get out of town and  decide to move into a house which they just seem to find?!?! Never knew buying a house was so easy! From this point forward the movie is just about the girls fighting off the local rednecks  who are purposely trying to get them to leave town. Why they would want a couple of hot babes to go away is beyond me. I guess there's enough sister's in their families for everyone! A guy called Junior, who is a very mental redneck gives the girls the most problems. Him and his mom!

Overall it wasn't much of a horror movie. There's not much of the red stuff. Just alot of really mean pranks and a bit of brute force here and there. Seemed more like a really twisted version of Lavern and Shirley. The movie box makes it look  like it will be a bloody chainsaw movie but it's quite far from that.

I highly recommend getting this flick for those of you who love bad acting and lots of T&A.  The first 15 minutes of the film where the girls get out of jail is highly entertaining! The  girl's showdown with their old pimp and another run in with a old perverted gas pump jockey  is very over the topl.  You should hear the old gas station guy talk dirty!  It just wasn't right coming from his mouth! My brother and I watched the opening 15 minutes over and over! Everytime someone new would show up to the house we'd go through it again! Good laughs!  The girl's really know how to get a free tank of gas from the old gas pump!

Henry's Comments

 "KC and Jo are my kind of ho's!"