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Killer Party

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :

 Wake me up before you go go!!! Awww yeah it's 1986! The horror movie is cheesy, the girls are sleezy and there's a rock video in the opening!!! A few of my friends were over having a few Canadian Beers(Ohhhh give me a hell yeah! Fuck that American wusshy shiat!) and by the time the movie was over I don't think they considered me a friend anymore for putting them  through the agony of watching Killer Party! The movie made no sense and was easily the hokiest  80s horror movie I have ever seen. It's just about a frat house and a sorrority decides to have a  party there or something. The frat house(or whatever the hell it was) they had the party at was like haunted or something...there's a grave in the backyard so I guess that made it haunted. One of the air head girls in this movie becomes possessed and starts killing everyone at the party  dressed in a scuba suit, damn I thought I had Deep Star 6 for awhile there. The killings didn't even really start until the movie was almost over and then the girl who is possessed is killed by 2 of her friends but then one of them gets possessed and the other friend is put on an ambulance with her in the end! So does this mean there is a Killer Party 2?!?!!? Let's hope not. 2 Thumbs down on the nudity! Some of these girls looked like they were 15 years old. I want to press child porn charges!  2 Thumbs down on the movie as a whole really except for the one killing scene where a woman is beaten to death with a paddle!!! Hell yeah now that was fun to see! Also the music video at the first  was a good laugh!!! Go WHITE SISTER!!! I guess they were a combination of WHITE Snake and Twisted  SISTER! Whoever they are i'm sure they have committed suicide by now. DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE!!!  Well unless you are a White Sister fan! Over and out!

If anyone has any information on White Sister - cds, posters, videos, tv appearances,  pornos, court transcripts...etc... Please contact your local Fashion Police. Thank you.

Henry's Comments

 "I've seen better shit in my underwear in the form of streaks"