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Killer Workout(1986)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"They came to get their bodies into the best shape of their lives... too bad theyíll never have the chance to enjoy it!!!"

Killer Workout is a movie that teased me for many years. I read so many great/horrible things about it yet I could never get my hands on a copy of the movie as it is well out of print.  Well thank God for Ebay, I managed to track down a VHS copy of this bad boy and am I ever glad that I did.  This is cheesy horror movie heaven.  One of the greatest bad movie I have ever witnessed.  I was blind sided by the plot, the acting, the twists, the turns... and oh yeah the 80ís aerobics!  Lots of that!!! If you are into big breasted girls with big hair, lots of make up, tight colorful leotards and looking like they just walked off a video shoot for Warrantís Cherrie Pie, then you will enjoy fully!!!  Oh and then there are all the murders and awful acting. The cherry on top!!!

Itís actually hard to talk about this movie without giving anything away.  Thatís right, this movie has a plot and I was sort of impressed, although looking back it was sort of easy to figure out.  I was outsmarted the first time through.  I didnít give Killer Workout enough credit!!!.  OK so it isnít the greatest movie in the world(DUH) but it sort of tries to have a story that doesnít make the grestest sense.  All you need to know is that the movie has alot of aerobics going on, tits and ass galore, many murders and then more aerobics, paramedics dragging bodies away in bags through the gym, then more aerobics and a cop named Morgan who has laid out one of the greatest over-acting performances in low budget horror movie history

Watch for some of the worst fist fights ever caught on film and as mentioned... the MANY aerobic scenes with women shaking their assets.


Behold my copy of Killer Workout!

Henry's Comments

 "My wrist got a killer workout watching this. I just canít handle 80ís whores in tight spandex."