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The Landlady - Have the fast forward button handy! We have some real bad acting  and story going on. The movie starts off with this really weird woman finding her husband  sleeping with some young ho and she ends up killing him by giving him fish for supper. He  was allergic. After he is dead she inherits an apartment building and she decides to move into it with her tenants and then they all start getting knocked off one by one. The landylady  ends up falling in love with one of the tenants but he doesn't share the same feelings towards her.  She gets him to move in next to her apartment and she installs video cameras and 2 way mirrors so she can watch him constantly. Most of the killings in the movie were because of her  love for the tenant. She ends up inviting him over for supper and then kidnapping him. He is then tied to her bed and she pretends to marry him. One of his friends comes looking for him  and ends up finding him at the landlady's apartment. The Landylady sucked! This movie contained  some of the worst killings I have ever a girl to death with a fridge door, forces the girlfriend of the man she falls in love with to take sleeping pills and vodka, beats a call girl in her building with a candlestick, kills another guy with a trunk...etc! The bad plot really killed this film. If the Landylady was a sex-starved babe or something it may have improved it! Instead she was a tight assed, overly religious and semi elderly ordinary woman.  Shanan Tweed should have been the Landlady!!! Hmmm but then I guess they just would have called  the movie Night Eyes 16!