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Land of the Dead(2005)

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HD DVD Video Picture Quality

Seen zombies like never before!  Behold, Land of the Dead on HD DVD! Not the greatest movie to experince HD DVD with but it does look pretty darn good. Alot of dark scenes but the detail and color is very good. This was my very first High Def horror flick and I was very impressed. If anyone says that HD DVD and Bluray are not great improvement in picture quality, just watch the standard DVD after watching the HD DVD and there is no doubt that the HD DVD version is a huge improvement! The cool thing about this release, is that itís combo disc.  Meaning it has the DVD and HD DVD version.  Good way to compare the two formats.

Movie Review

ďThe Legendary Filmmaker Brings You His Ultimate Zombie MasterpieceĒ

Well Iím not sure the above statement is accurate. LOTD was a pretty so so movie and certainly has flaws. Iím not sure Romero needed almost 20 years to create this. Itís only an hour and a half long(unlike Dawn and Day which push or break 2 hours), the story is VERY simplistic and well lame, the zombies and gore were good but what makes Romeroís zombie movies better than the rest is usually the story and the satire within. There is a bit here(The rich live in a high rise called Fiddlerís Green and the poor live below where it seems everyone is safe from the zombies) but there is no real build up or explanation to how this has all come about.

Firstly, itís cool that the rich live in Fiddlerís Green and the poor live below but how did this come about?  People are in business suits but where the hell do they work?  Dennis Hopperís character, Kaufman, is the owner of this High Rise and seems to say who gets in and who doesnít, he has lots of money but what exactly does he do with it?  Where do people spend the money?  How does the money make him rich? To me, I donít see how this class system would evolve the way it appears it has. 

Also, the main point of the story is that the rebel cgaracter Cholo, steals a tank like vechicle from Kaufman after he wonít allow him to move into Fiddlerís Green. Kaufman hires Choloís personal enemy Riley to get his ass kicking machine on wheels back before Chmolo unleashes itís power upon Fiddlerís Green.  See what I mean?  Someone gets mad because they wonít let them move into their building, steal a weapon on wheels and then threaten to blow up the building unless he is paid millions of dollars... which somehow has value in this zombie filled world?!?! Stupid... been done before and well at least before it made economical sense.

Oh yeah by the way there are zombies in the movie! See how I almost forgot about them with respect to the plot?  So did Romero.  There are lots of zombies and killing but it all seems like a weak side attraction to the awful story.

So for the zombies... they like fireoworks, they are getting smarter and faster, they are remembering their past lives and applying it to death and destruction of the living.  Gas Jockey kills with gas and fire. Clever!  Of course they do eventually get into Fiddlerís Green and kill the rich(which was fun to see), but it just doesnít have any impact on the viewer really. Itís nothing like the zombies attacking in the mall in Dawn.

So yeah itís an ok movie, lots of gore and cool zombies but thatís about all their is. Very disappointing overall.

Henry's Comments

 "What the fuck happened to the title Dusk of the Dead... Night, Dawn, Day and Dusk is how itís suppose to go. Not Land!"