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The Last House on the Left(1972)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


To avoid fainting, keep repeating "It's only a movie...It's only a movie..."

I remember hearing about this movie years ago but never really going out and looking for it. That was until a movie was released this summer called Chaos which was compared to Wes Cravens 1972 Cult Classic.  But from what I hear Chaos is a far cry from what The Last House on the Left is. Anyway...

Movie centers around a couple of guys who break out of jail(In the slammer for sex crimes and murder), a crazed female jailbreak helper and one of the cons brother(Hes hooked of crack so does whatever his brother wishes for his next fix).  They trick a couple of girls(Mari and Phyllis - both hot I may add) into thinking they are going to score some weed, but instead they are kidnapped and tortured. They are taken from the city and into the woods and well this is where I have to stop talking. There are some odd twists with the girls, Maris family, their house and a couple of bumbling cops.

Ok yeah so its horribly dated, the acting and flow of the movie is questionable but I can look past that. This is a shocking movie.  Probably the most disturbing I have seen since Mothers Day except this time the movie is actually pretty good and not all just shock.

Its probably not nearly as shocking as it once was, but Last House on the Left is still a good watch today. I really dug the musically score and the way it was put into certain scenes to almost mock violence by making it entertaining.  Youre wacthing something really disturbing yet you catch yourself tapping your toes!!! Also, gotta give some props to the ending... things get very off the wall and start to remind you of a Clock Work Orange which was made a year previous.

Henry's Comments

 I dont understand the title!  Last house on the left? It looked like the right to me Mother Fuckers!