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Leprechaun 4 In Space - I had a gun to my head watching this movie. I remember seeing bits and pieces of the first 3 movies in the series and they at least seemed funny but this was just down right awful. Who comes up with these in space ideas? The movie starts off with a group of soldiers in space planning on hunting down a 'alien' which was actually the leprechaun. He's like living on some planet and is holding the Queen of the planet hostage. Anyway the soldiers blow Leprechaun up, take the Queen back to their ship and I was hoping the movie would end that way but it was only 20 minutes in so I had no such luck. When they blow up the leprechaun one of the soldiers decides to piss on his remains and when he does the leprechaun magically gets into his dick?!?! Yes you heard me his dick. Meanwhile back on the Enterprise the guy with the leprechaun in his dick is getting it on with the Tool Time Lady(yes it was really her) and all of a sudden the leprechaun explodes out of his dick and is now loose on the ship. The whole time I was watching this I was thinking too myself about how stupid the people making this had to feel...there wasn't anything good about it. It looked cheap as reminded me of a bad episode of Dr Who...oh yeah every episode of Dr Who was bad. The leprechaun didn't say or do anything remotley funny...Gary Coleman must have been playing the part this time. And just how the hell did the leprechaun get into outer space in the first place??? Maybe he was part of a secret Nasa mission into space or it was just a result of a really badly written movie.