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Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun in the Hood

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



I'm not quite sure if this movie even deserves one lobster! Starring Warwick Davis and Ice-T!  Remember when Ice-T was cool? Yeah it was a LONG time ago wasn't it! If I was Ice-T i'd never show my face in public again after this movie hit the video stores! Landing a co-host job on the Beer Machine Informercial may have been a  better career move! The Hood Beer Machine...Malt Liquor yo!

I didn't laugh or even smirk once during the whole movie. Usually Leprechaun movies are stupid but offer at least some laughs... well not this one! The opening scene, Ice-T with an afro, brings the Leprechaun to life and he keeps routing  around in his afro and pulling out weapons...first a gun...then a knife...then a bat! Lots of storgae space in that afro Ice-T!  I'd have to be 5 years old or very easily entertained to be laughing at that shit! Fucking brutal!

The plot... Ice-T is some sort of record company owner and three rapper friends rob his office after he tells them to beat it after a quick audition. They steal a magical gold flute and some gold which all belongs to the Leprechaun. They wake him during the robbery so now they have Ice-T and the Leprechaun on their asses. The magical flute brain washed people when it is played  and the three rappers use it to make people like their music...while avoiding the Leprechaun and Ice-T! The 90 minute movie seems like 4 hours of agony! Ice-T needs a new career! What's up with him trying to act all cool n' shit in da flick yo? Damn bitch is like no gangster and he ain't no pusher no more either...bitch! Flavor Flave..we outta here...yo! Peace! Keep it real bitches!

Henry's Comments

 "I'd rather give birth then watch this shit again! Yo know what i'm sayin' mutha fuckers! Yo ain't no gangster Ice-T! 4 Real! Bitch!"