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A Letter From Death Row - Written by Bret Micheals, Co-directed by Bret Micheals , Satrring Bret Micheals...A Bret Micheals Production! Well you know what that means...(help me out here everyone)...IT SUCKS! This is HANDS DOWN the worst movie ever put on the shelves at any video store! Hey I'll go around telling everyone what a huge Poison fan I am but Bret no matter how much I dig your music this movie is a piece of shit! Bret you actually shaved your hair off to play this roll? God damn you should have just shaved your 'Curly Q's' and made some sort of shaving fetish porno! And what the hell is with the box?!?! Special Cameo by Charlie Sheen?!?! I blinked and missed most of his 3 second part. Does he really deserve to be on the box for a 3 second part? Ok anyway I have never been so pissed off after watching a movie! I can't believe I wasted my free rental on this! Oh yeah the movie did have a story... Bret is screwing around with a stripper who this Politician has a crush on... Bret is wrongly accused of killing her... Goes to Death Row(not the record company...they would have released him from Death Row after hearing the sound track for this movie)... Bret shows us the going ons inside the big house (Getting attacked by prison guards, bending over in the shower to pick up some soap, smoking non know stuff Bret would know about first hand)...  Bret meets another inmate who was set up by the politician guy... Things unfold(I could have used a blind fold)... Turns out that the politician's bitch killed the stripper and a few others but who the hell cares... Bret is free... Well actually no he isn't free?!?! Movie has a dumb ending where it shows someone getting executed and it appears to be Bret and he says some stupid comment as a narrator saying "A good writer can make you believe anything"...or something dumb like that!

 Next time you go to make a movie Bret you may want to keep a couple of things in mind. Firstly, don't shave your head again, you looked like Mr Clean! Secondly, hire people who can act. Actually no forget that, no matter who was in this it couldn't be saved, the story was too God damn stupid!  Thirdly and finally, putting Charlie Sheen on the box doesn't make your movie good!!!