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Little Witches

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



What can I say? This is pure shit! A bunch of catholic school girls wonder into an old boarded up church like place and bring back some evil spirit. Of course the girls go to a catholic  school with strict have the bad school girl who keeps getting into trouble...the miss do gooder who has  sexual thoughts...the fat other words it's alot like the girls from the Facts of Life show.  The good thing about this movie is that there is plenty of nudity and the 'bad girl' is pretty hot. You may be asking yourself why the 1 lobster rating then if the nudity is really good? Why not at least a 2? Well remember that fat girl I mentioned... well it shows her nude...I'm talking full frontal nudity! I was able to stop from barfing at that point but then it showed her ass and I lost it. I'm not strecthing the truth either...this girl isn't just a bit big... she's jumbo sized! For some reason all the girls get naked and start dancing around this old well and the camera takes no prisoners! The only real highlight of the film was the strip tease in the window  done by the 'bad catholic' school girl. The rest of the movie was pretty shitty! Who comes up  with these ideas for movies? Catholic school girls getting turned into witches by an evil spirit  in a well is far from a good movie idea. Avoid this one!

Henry's Comments

 "Fuck these little witches and the brooms they rode in on! The fat girl would need at least 5 brooms to carry her ass around!  I would have rather watched a movie about a girl military school starring Isla of the SS called Little Bitches!"