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The Loved Ones(2012 - North American Release)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


Dont break her heart

Im totally floored. This could be the greatest horror movie I have ever seen.  Ok maybe im excited after just finishing watching this but seriousy, this is a great movie and a must see for all HMTS readers. Im not quite sure how to describe it... maybe Mysery meets The Descent meets the Devils Rejects with an Australian pinch of bizarreness and maybe throw in some Tarantino... yeah that works!

Lola, aka Princess, has no Prince for the prom but her crazy ass Dad fixes that by kidnapping her a date and forcing him over to their place for their own version of the year end high school prom.  The lucky guy, Brent, someone who Lola has loved or been stalking for quite some time... well since the last guy they kidnapped... seems Daddy has a habbit of giving his daughter whatever she wishes... which is boys who will have nothing to do with her. The relationship between Lola and her Dad is alittle weird to say the least, some serious creepy overtones going on there as well. Back to the prom... I mean torture... from the moment Brent wakes tied to a chair under a mirror ball in Lolas kitchen, up until the end, this is no stop, foot to floor blood and guts with some chuckles in between. The girl playing Lola, Robin McLeavy is a delight. I will say this, best female performance in any horror movie ever made! She makes this.

This movie is just totally messed up with some really good side stuff to keep the non-horror movie viewer even intrigued. Theres alot of good character development amonst the characters in and around Brents family, some innocence, feeling bad for the lonely girl and then we go straight into the torture and the madness which doesnt let up.  The movie gets more crazy as it goes on. 

Full 5 lobster rating. Highly recommended!

The Loved Ones is the greatest export from Australia since INXS Switch album featuring JD Fortune... wait a minute...

Henry's Comments

 Where do I get the soundtrack? That song Lola keeps listening to made me cry. So touching...  Love that crazy bitch.


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