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Mangler 2(2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



This is suppose to be a sequel but I fail to see any relationship between the original Mangler and part 2. The first one was a gorefest about a possessed clothes pressing machine and the second one is about a private school security system that gets infected with a virus and goes bezerk.

If you really hate teen horror flicks and bad computer lingo I suggest you stay far away from this one!  A spolied brat named Jo, who's father created a new security system for the school she goes to, downloads a  virus from a hacker website called MANGLERv2.0.exe. Wow, it's named after the title of the movie. That's about the  most brilliant thing that this movie has to offer!

I want to know where all the mangling was? The first movie was full of mangling but not this one! It hardly  shows any of the deaths and the ones it does show and extremely lame. I've never seen anyone boiled to death by a sprinkler system before and never want to again thank you very much!

I can't tell you how much I hated the cast in this movie! Lance Henriksen was the ONLY known name  and he was even awful. Oh and for the comic relief they threw in a disgruntled school cook from Quebec who attempts to be funny  but falls far short of even making me evem smirk! And I'm not even going to start on the main teenager group in the movie. Everyone of them needed a beating in the worst way!

So what was the purpose of this bad movie? I have no idea really. A group of teens are punished by the school  leader(Lance Henriksen) for hacking the school website and defaming his character. As punishment they must stay behind as their peers take a school trip until they come forward and tell who hacked the website. Sounds good eh? Next thing you know the virus is on their security system, everyone is trying to escape the school but can't  and I'm beating my head with the remote praying for the end credits!

By the end I almost went into a coma. The security system turns into a clone of Jo's father(the guy who created the system)?!?!  Yes you read that right! So now in order to stop the virus infected system, Jo kills her computerized dad but not before he says one of the worst lines I have ever heard... She stabs him and he says "I guess I'll have to reboot my hard drive"  before taking a shot back at her...

Stay away from this one!

Henry's Comments

 "If their security system had Windows XP this never would have happened!"