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Maniac Cop

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Maniac Cop - Lookie here...we have a maniac cop on the loose. What is a maniac cop you may be asking? Well first of all he's a really stupid looking zombie cop who starred in a movie by the same name. This movie is down right awful. The only remotley good thing about the movie is the fact that the master himself, Bruce Campbell starred in it. Yep old Bruce plays a cop but I think he would have done better starring in an episode of "She's the Sherriff" with Susanne Sommers(sp). I also hear he is in the 2nd Maniac Cop but after seeing part 1 I have no interest in renting part 2. It's just doesn't fall into the good cheese category. The biggest problem I had with this movie was the lighting...I've seen other movies from 1987 and they looked fine so why does this one look so shitty? Or was the Maniac cop such a maniac they just couldn't show him!... :P Yeah whatever! He looked pathetic. Instead of hiring a make up crew for maniac Cop it looks like they just took turns shitting all over his face!

***Live from Maniac Cop's dressing room..."Maniac Cop please report to dressing room number 2 as I am about to have a number 2...hurry the flies are bad in here"***!

Henry's Comments

 "Nightmare on Elmstreet/Robocop rip off!!!"