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Mirror Mirror 2 Raven Dance - It's nice to know that there is no shortage of really bad cheese horrors movies out there and that I can continue adding to this site for probally ever. Mirror Mirror 2 is nothing short of a page classic. It will have you in tears from it's bad acting and horrid plot. There is a killer mirror in this piece of shit. It starts off a bunch of years ago in an orphanage where some Nun is trying to help some lady on her death bed...anyway the evil mirror is in the room and makes the Nun blind...ok so now in the present a girl and her brother are taken to the orphanage after their parents are killed in a car crash. She is a dancer and her brother, if you ask me, is a retard who simply can't act. Well neither of them can act but he was one up on her in the no talent department. Near the first of the movie the girl and her brother are there along with the mirror and they are watching some band reherse...can't have a bad movie without a bad band in it...anyway one of the members tries to hurt the little brother and the mirror gets pissed off and fries all the guys in the band...also it hurts the girls legs so she can't turns out that the little brother can talk to the mirror and they are like buddies, but after awhile the mirror is getting bad ideas and wants to kill the boys sister. The mirror for some reason heels the girls legs and she like dances for about 20 minutes of the god damn movie...ok assholes if I wanted to see some ditzy fat faced skank dance around in slow motion I would have rented Footloose! I guess they knew the story of the movie sucked and probally had about 20 minutes to go before the hit 90 mins total so they show her dancing to take up space...well she sure took up space! God at least get someone good looking and who doesn't resemble the Pilsbury Doe Boy. One other thing about the movie was the horrid special effects. Well I guess when you have a killer mirror that doesn't really move it's pretty hard to do anything special...but one part a stain glass figure comes to life and it hard to me laughing my ass off. Damn this movie sucked. Oh and of course it had the trick box...showed some chick on the front undressing in front of the mirror...well that never happened in the movie and it's probally a good thing considering the girls in it. I'll be on the look out for Mirror Mirror 1!