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Mother's Day(1980)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


 Wow I don't know what to say about this 90 minute shit-a-thon!  I once read a review about this movie and the author said it was the most disturbing movie he has ever seen. Well it is very disturbing that someone can actually make a movie  this shitty but I do have to agree with the author...some of the movie actually did disturb me!  That doesn't happen often believe me. The movie starts off at a graduation's 1980 so  you get to see some classic hair styles and those T-shirts with a number on them but nothing else...go number 15!!!  Anyway... A girl and guy hitchike and are picked up by this sweet oldlady. The 2 plan on strangling the oldlady and  taking off with her car. Instead their plan backfires. The oldlady pulls over to check  something under the hood and when she gets out 2 guys attack the guy and girl. They beat the guy with a bat and get real abusive with the girl. I think they rape her but it doesn't show it. Anyway it turns out that these 2 guys are the sons(Ike and Addle) of the oldlady and her favorite thing to do is watch her sons beat, rape and kill people...esp pretty girls. Ok so ten years later(the 10 years later thing  is a classic cheese movie sign!) 3 girls decide to get together for a camping trip in the woods. Of course they end up camping right around where the crazy oldlady and her sons live and of course  they end up captured. Ike and Addle trap them in their sleeping bags and take them to their mother's place.  Once they get there the mother picks one of the girls and they start beating her and raping her. The next day comes and one of the girls gets loose and unties her friend. They find their other  friend who was beaten and raped and they take off. The girl who was beaten and raped ends up dying from her injuries. One of the remaining 2 girls decides to go looking for help while the other one  guards the dead one's body. A cop car comes down the road but it turns out to be Ike dressed up  as a cop and he chases the girl through the woods. Ike can't catch her and comes home to Mother  empty handed. The next day the girls are really pissed off and they show up at the house rady to kick some ass! They kill Addle first with a stab through the throat and then strangle him to death. Next they  find Ike, pour Liquid Drano down his throat, electricute him with a TV and finally give him the electric drill in the stomach. Finally they find the mother and slaughter her! The 2 girls walk through the woods towards home afterwards and are attacked by what looks like the Mother. She jumps  over the bushes and the movie abruptly ends! Anyway this movie did have some disturbing moments but overall really sucked! The movie offered the worst kind of nudity, that being forced nudity! If I want to see some jiggling going on I want it to be pointless and not from some guy  beating a girl and ripping her clothes off! 2 thumbs down! This movie  just wasn't my thing! If you enjoy beating small animals and routing through your mom's undies then go get this one!

Henry's Comments

 "This is some fucked up shit!"