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Night of the Scarecrow - Alright this movie is just stupid. In the middle  of a corn field we have a scarecrow and a tomb under him that is the grave of this Warlock dude which is covered over by this big stone with a cross on it. Anyway the stone cracks and the soul of the Warlock escapes and animates(brings to life) the scarecrow. Then we have  this really stupid looking scarecrow running around killing people. He even talks and laughs but doesn't say anything comical. Turns out he is looking for his magic book that was taken from him when he was burned and killed which has a spell in it that tells how to kill the Warlock for good. Why they didn't use the spell in the first place is beyond me. Anyway the scarecrow does lots of really dumb killings and yes at the end someone finds the book and does away with him. Of course they think they kill him like 3 times before that and of course everytime he gets back up while no one is looking and extends  this awful movie even longer. This is just one of those movies you want over :)