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Nude for Satan(1974)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


What the fuck did I just watch? Nude for Satan wasn't most exciting nor did it make much sense but oh hell yeah did it ever have alot of T&A!!! Good ole Italian Goth Horror!

A doctor, Dr William Benson, who is driving around in bad weather for some reason or another ends up in a car accident. Right after his crash another crash happens right beside him.  A young lady named Susan is knocked out so the good ole Doctor goes looking for help for her. Why  he goes looking for help in the middle of no where when he is already a doctor is beyond me but anyway... The Doctor comes upon a castle and once he enters he finds what he thinks is Susan already there.  The next morning the real Susan, who is still sitting in his car wakes up and ends up at the same castle and thinks she has found the Doctor but it is not. Both characters think they have found  each other but all the have really found are 'evil' doubles.

That's basically the story. The rest of the movie is just about seeing Susan's wicked rack and bush(which is in desperate need of a trim)! You even get to see her with a  mystery woman who is held in the castle and sometimes tortured but the weirdoes that live there. Little lesbian action doesn't hurt when you are watching something as bad as Nude for Satan.

Once the Doctor realizes that him and Susan both have evil doubles, he decides to light the  place on fire. So in the midst of an orgy he sparks the place up and next thing we see is him waking up in his car right when his accident from the first of the movie occurred. Movie ends!

If you're looking for a good story then you may want to check something else out.  There's not much here but lots of titty shots. It's also not overlay violent or  scary. Since it's hard to follow it's difficult to find it scary and when something does happen the special effects are either awful(watch for Susan getting attached  by a mutant spider) or you're not sure what is even going on. And I have no idea what was up with the sound score! Synthesizers or tortured goats... couldn't tell what it was!

Henry's Comments

 "Seeing Susan's tits and bush over and over are worth the price of admission!"